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Falasarna Villas relaxing services

relaxingsiteIn each Villa, you can enjoy Falasarna Villas relaxing services in privacy. These include sauna and massage made by qualified physiotherapists and beauticians.

Sauna cleans, detoxifies, combats cellulite, improves the respiratory and circulatory systems and also relaxes your muscles.
The heat helps the massage reach the layers of fat and destroy them. The high temperature makes us sweat and eliminate fat naturally.
Massage, a source of pleasure since ancient times, activates circulation, while it relaxes and strengthens the muscles. Massage is also applied as treatment for injuries or chronic motor problems.


saouna1siteThe Falasarna Villas relaxing services recommend services and programs such as:


  • a) Therapeutic massage is a program that combines the use of vegetable oils and specialized massage techniques for muscles to provide relief from musculoskeletal pain, improve circulation of blood and lymph circulation and strengthen the immune system. (two 15-minute-sauna sets and 1 hour of massage 70 euros per person)
  • b) Sports Massage, a program designed for both athletes and people with increased physical activity who want to improve their body’s ability to cope with the demands of intense exercise. (30 min massage 25 euro per person)
  • c) Aromatherapy, program which combines essential oils and manual massage, offers wellness and revitalization of the body, improves balance and mood and impacts positively on body functions. (2 sets of 15-minute-sauna and 1 hour of massage 70 euros per person)
  • d) Manual anticellulite massage with the use of herbs & essential oils develop targeted action against cellulite. (2 sets of 15 –minute-sauna and 1 hour of massage 90 euros per person)
  • e) Peeling treatment with the use of natural products. The scrub cleanses your skin, removes dead cells and gives a velvet feeling and shine. The scrub helps to correct perfusion, renew cells and increase collagen production. (2 sets of 15-minute-sauna and 1-hour-treatment 80 euros per person)

massite2 massite1

The Falasarna Villas relaxing services suggest the following graduate physiotherapists and beauticians and ensures a high level of service for you.
Chartzoulakis MARINA: Physiotherapist graduate TEI Athens
STIMADORAKIS GEORGE: Graduate IIEK IPPOKRATEIOS specialist physiotherapy and neuromuscular massage.
Heretakis HELEN: Graduate IIEK AVGERINOPOULOU specific aesthetic – make u p artist.
TSIRIOTAKI HELEN: Graduate IIEK AVGERINOPOULOU specific aesthetic – makeup artist.

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